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The controversy that is… Belladonna’s hair.

So, I’ve been getting quite a few comments about my hair, some love it better dark, some love better now that its blonde. I have to admit, I love how my hair looks black, but I’m REALLY loving the blonde right now, and that I’m growing it out. This won’t be a very long blog, but just one to say…

The controversy that is… Belladonna’s hair, it’s an every changing experience and you’ll never know what you’ll see next, just like my personality, my body and my life!

Thanks to all the fans who support me through-out all of my crazy changes and I hope to bring you some of my best in 2007!

Belladonna’s Blurbs

About me:
My name is Michelle. I am also known as Belladonna. I was born in Biloxi Mississippi on May 21st 1981. I have now been working in the adult industry for six years and in the past two years I have taken control of my career. I now own Belladonna Entertainment and am directing and producing my own style of pornography. I am so honored to be apart of the sex industry because it has opened my eyes in a world that is teaching people to be ashamed of there sexual interests. Wanna know more? Visit my website!

About my company:

Are you interested in being cast in a Belladonna Entertainment production?
Here are the rules:

  1. You must be female, or half way there
  2. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old
  3. You must love anal sex with other girls
  4. You must NOT be a cracked-out whore
  5. You must obtain a clean HIV/STD test from AIM before shooting

For further information, please e-mail us with inquiries and/or photos of yourself.

Furthermore, your chances of working in a Belladonna Entertainment production will greatly increase if you’re with a legit agency.
Here are some of the more popular adult talent agencies:

    (Search on

  • Speigler Girls
  • L.A. Direct Models
  • Exotic Star Models
  • Naughty Talent
  • Pretty Girl International
  • World Modeling

Make sure to let them know that you’re anxious to work for me!

I am also available for special appearances and events to promote your company or project.

Possibilities include but not limited to:

  • Store Signings
  • Radio/Television Interviews
  • Tradeshows
  • Feature Dancing (Contact the Lee Network)
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Special Events
  • Any other way you want to use me!

Contact us via e-mail with your contact information and as much details for the job as possible.

Who I’d like to eat:

Girls of all shapes, sizes and colors!

Who I’d like to meet:
Fans, fans and more fans!

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