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Bye, Bye Ink

thanks to all of you who already gave me their vote in The Hottest Girl In Porn competition. You guys can keep voting for me for one week. Here is the link again: Click here

Just wanted to let you know that I worked for HBO the other day. It was for "Entourage" Fourth Season which airs next spring. In one of the episodes you will see me somewhere naked in the background.

I’m alive and well. everyhting is fine. I just decided I needed a few changes. I’m being represented by L.A. Direct Models now. I’m still my old self: reliable, on time, prepared and motivated.

I’m getting my tattoo removed: bye, bye ink. Today was my first treatment with Dr. Tattoff in Encino. It hurt but the session only takes 2 mintues. I will need between 6 and 8 sessions, 4 weeks apart. My arm hurts now, it’s red, swollen and sore. I put an ice pack on it for now. It looks a little faded alreday. I’m excited about finally getting rid of it, I can’t wait till it’s totally gone. It’s something I wanted to do in quite a while. I would never get another tattoo. It’s just something you regret later and removing it is more painful and way more expensive than getting one done.

My Tattoo

I got a lot of questions about my tattoo removal. Why am I getting it removed?, Why don’t I like it?, Why do I regret getting it done in the first place?

I was 18 when I got it. I just went to the tattoo store one day and got it done. It wasn’t a well calculated decision. I was mad at my parents and I wanted to shock them. I had the typical "I don’t give a shit" attitude that most teenagers have. I wasn’t mature enough to think ahead. In my mind I would always stay the same. But people change and things change. I didn’t know that I would get into modeling and I didn’t think of the possibility that a tattoo could hurt my career.

Now eight years later I don’t like it anymore and I don’t like the fact of a tattoo on my body in general. My definition of beauty and perfection have changed. I don’t justify the reason why I got it anymore. I learned that there are other ways of expressing yourself – ways that are not that final and long lasting. Fashion changes so fast. For example I change my mind about what I like to wear, how I like my make up or about my hair color very often. I just can’t think of any design or art that I want on my body for eternity because a few month or years later I know I have other priorities and I like different things. Also my tattoo looks really silly when I wear a classy dress.

And besides all that it really affects my career. Most companies want you to be eye candy for the audience and a tattoo is often seen as an impefection. Everybody has them today and it’s really hard to find any models without ink on their body. So you really stand out in a positive way if you have none. I’m very self conscious about it. You can tell because I would never turn the side with the tattoo to the camera. Most people don’t even realize I have one.

This doesn’t mean I have anything against tattoos in general. I think there are really great artists out there and people who are great in wearing their inked skin as a piece of artwork. That’s all fine with me but I’m not one of them. It doesn’t fit me (anymore) and I’m only glad my tattoo isn’t that big.

I have to go through 6 to 8 laser treatments in the next few month. The heat of the laser breaks down the ink in the cells and the immune system disposes the ink naturally. My first one was yesterday and of course it hurt. Right after the laser treatment I felt really shitty, my arm hurt a lot and the skin was burning like crazy. I had to cool the area with ice packs and I keep putting moisturizer on the skin. Now, just one day later, it’s getting better. My arm is still swollen and the skin is itchy but other than that it doesn’t look as bad as I thought. The skin is a little red at some spots and it looks a bit blurry already. But it doesn’t bleed and no scabbing at all.

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