Fayner Posts: I woke up today in Nantucket feeling like ass…well, not feeling pounding some dude’s ass but feeling like an ass would feel after eating Taco Bell. Shitty.

So off I went to scroll my competition’s workspace to see what is up back West, and I came across something on that caught my eye so much that I want to share it with you.

Now the old, old stories are from before my time, but I think the universal prognosis about Luke Ford is that through time he’s been one to write shit without first checking his facts. We’ve all done it in this racket, some super-hot scoop we know is true but can’t actually confirm it so we throw it up anyway…and wait. Usually no one calls our bluff and we go on with our exciting lives.

Luke, though, has been blamed numerous times for writing things he had no proof of. I’m stoned so examples are scarce, but off the top of my head there was the recent Cassidey thing where he said it looked like she had been raped ’cause she had bruises. That is the kind of story you check for facts.

But now, either because he’s seen the light or has been threatened with pain, Luke has changed his tune.

Commenting on the LADirect web site being down for a few days, Luke writes the following:

"I heard a lot of bad stories but seen no evidence to back them up."

I’m amazed. Proud to be a reporter today, too.

‘Cause when Luke doesn’t run with evidence-lacking gossip you know that either the sky is falling or he’s changed his evil ways.

My vote is for the first one. 

And if you want to know what I heard about why LA Direct’s site was down, it was that Ava Rose had been sleeping with a mouse, got pregnant, had baby mice and one of them chewed through all the wires in the office that control the site’s server. And I have proof! 



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