Fayner Posts: Paris Hilton has to be the stupidest person on Earth. It is not a persona. It’s not acting. It’s 100% dumb running through her champagne veins.

Want Proof? Well here you go!

In the story posted below about Paris getting a DUI, Paris says that she was speeding and driving recklessly early Thursday morning not because she was drunk but because she was hungry from not eating all day and needed In & Out burger pronto!

But then she says that she spent her Wednesday making a music video and going out to dinner with her sister.

So Paris admits to eating dinner only to also say that she hadn’t eaten all day when pulled over just after midnight and that she wasn’t drunk just hungry.

Did she eat dinner or not eat all day? Which was it? I’m sure there’s proof of Paris eating at a restaurant just hours before using her "me speed cause belly go growl" excuse, so this should be an easy open-and-shut case where paris loses her driving rights for being drunk behind the wheel.

Anyone want to make a bet that she gets off Scott-free? 

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