Quasar Writes (in response to my Hillary Scott post: I suppose it’s somewhat sad that I knew EXACTLY what you were talking  about when you made reference to the Vinnie Vincent Invasion video.  The year was 1986. Vinnie had been out of Kiss for almost 2 years and  this was his first solo album. The album features vocalist Robert  Fleischman although it’s actually Mark Slaughter who lips-synchs in  the video "Boyz are Gonna Rock" which features the guy on fire  running across the stage for absolutely no reason.  The Vinnie  Vincent Invasion released a second album, All Systems Go" in 1987  which included the song "love kills" also featured on the Nightmare  on Elmstreet 4 soundtrack. Shortly after this, Mark Slaughter and  Dana Strum left the Vinnie Vincent Invasion to form Slaughter who  scored a number of late 80’s hits such as "Up all night" and "Fly to  the Angels". Drummer Bobby Rock left to join the band Nelson who’s  biggest hit was 1990’s "love and affection".  On September 24th 1991  Nirvana released "Nevermind" and an entire genre of music became  obsolete overnight. Sadly, Vinnie Vincent hasn’t been heard from since.

Some Vinnie Vincent trivia – Although Ace Frehley appears on the  cover of Kiss’ "Creatures of the night", Vinnie Vincent actually  plays on the album.  Vinnie was in a band called Treasure in the 70’s  and went by his real name Vincent Cusano.

Also, if you ask me, Vinnie Vincent looks a lot like Gia Jordan.

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