Fayner Posts: A week or so ago, Dez and Alaura informed me that some porno chick named Mindy Lee was spending the night on our sofa. I had no idea who she was, so when they also told me they were leaving her with me for a couple of hours while they went to pick up some othewr chick from the airport I gopt a little queasy. I mean, I did have reason for concern, knowing the weak stable of porn chiks that roam the valley looking for work. Right?

And then I saw Mindy.

She’s real pretty.

I got a boner.

While the two of us sat alone in the house, I found out a few things about the young whore some of you may have not known until right now. Here they are.

1) Mindy takes 5 minute showers. "Yeah, I take quick showers, but not when I have to shave my legs. Then I’m in the shower for like an hour."

2) Mindy has trouble pulling hits from a joint. I laughed.

3) Mindy says she had an amazing childhood and feels sorry for her parents that they have to have a daughter who does porno.

4) Mindy loves to cuddle (even with me) which just goes to show just how much she truly enjoys cuddling.

5) Mindy now goes by the name Kara Kingman. She’s still as cute and lovable as she was while working under the name Mindy Lee, maybe even cuter.

6) Mindy/Kara desires my penis.

That’s all I know at this point, but will find out more when Dez and Alaura coax her into coming back to our house. I can’t wait.

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