Isaac Writes: You know, if that good for nothing bimbo is going to bill herself as the Owner, Writer, and Editor, the least she could do is learn how to use a fucking spellchecker.  That bet about the dog has really ruined this website. ( Although I admit the odds were in your favor.)  I’ve been enjoying your writing for many years now, and you really need to put a leash on that chick.  She really degrades what you have going.  I imagine that she is a friend of yours so I apologize for being rude, but it really sucks to have to go through crap to read an otherwise funny and intelligent (mostly) blog.
Fayner Says: I know how awesome I am, but I always love when other people remind me. In Taylor’s defense, it must be pointed out that the CMS program we use for updating the site has no spellcheck for either her or me to use. Although I am totally awesome at spelling, some may notice that even I make spelling mistaks soemtmes. Give the girl a break, will you?

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