Fayner Posts: I was looking through TR’s myspace pics and came across this one taken last year in Nantucket. As everyone except for these people know, TR and I are just friends, but I guess even that fact wouldn’t stop these hatefilled cretins from making me very very very sad. Check it out…

1) yer boyfriend is a fuckin homo jew fag, Sieg heiL!!!

2) how does that fuckin jackass get to hang out with you on the beach? what a piece of shit

3) Wow! There’s a lot of hate posted on this picture. So uhhh… Taylor, why don’t you drop the Jerkneck and smoke a couple bulls with me. LOL!!! I’m serious!

4) Fuck Scott Faynor, come to San Diego with me and we’ll go to Bobfest 07′ and smoke that REAL CALI CHRONIC gettin our skank on

5) why’s everyone hatin… apparently you kids need to start chillin with that cat he had to be doing something right… ya know..prolly got that monsta !@#$ i still break ya though miss taylor.

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