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Hey Friends and fans-

I am using my new computer I can steal someone else’s wireless internet from my condo complex. LOL I am so bad- I think I am going to shoot some more pictures today- I can’t wait for you guys to see them- they look so hot!

So anyways to the much awaited toy review- let me say that I fucking love this little pocket rocket vibrator I got! I have been using it everyday- jeez I have been really turned on lately. What a bout you? Sometimes I masturbate twice sometime three times a day. I don’t know it is hard for me to concentrate on my work when I am turned on. J DO you have that problem- I’d like to get some more toys and experiment. J

This week is my final test in my First Aid CPR class. I really hope I get an A. J

I just want to say how fucking cool my new roommate is! She is 21 and totally moves to the beat of her own drum. No body can knock her. She is pretty, smart, and determined. I can’t wait till October when I turn 21 and we can tear up the town together. J

I have been really slacking on y e-mails and myspace I have been really swamped with life stuff and I am sorry- This week is catch up week and I will respond to everyone’s messages ASAP.

I an email from a fan I was asked about my last name “Laurence” It was never Lawrence. People just assumed it was. Growing up I lived on Laurens Way so I just took off the “s” and added “ce”. And “eve’ was just the first women of the world (well supposedly).

I might start feature dancing and when/if I do I will definitely keep you posted- Oh I also think the next time I shoot photos I am going to run a LIVE WEB CAM- if you guys want to tune in J- I have to work on some school work I will write again later!

Luv Eve

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