Whats up Mr.Fayner? It’s Todd Todd, I thought I would share some funny pictures with you. I went up to Tahoe to with Ava Rose and stayed at her parents house. Really super nice people but,they had these fucking parrots that would wake up and start sreeeeeaching loud, very loud as soon as the sun came up around 5:30 am. I wanted to put windex in there water but, I just pulled the pillow over my head. Then we went white water rafting. There was no white water. It was a small little river and we had to get out of the boat about 5 times because the fucking stream was to shallow…..Ava slept 90% of the ride as you can see. She has this little white dog. I am not sure of its name because they had 2 other dog’s besides the little white one. She wanted the dog to sleep with us but,uuummmm no. For some reason they have 3 or 4 different names for eachdog????? What the fuck is that all about???

That was last week….Today we went fishing out of Marina Del Rey on a boat called the new del mar…For $50 bucks you can get a reel,rod,hooks,live bait and a 4 hour fishing trip out in the Santa Monica bay. It was alot of fun. The crew was super cool. They sell beer on board. They say no drugs on board but, of course I had a couple of blunts hidden and smoked out most of the day. Ava caught 2 sand bass and I caught 1. Look at this guy victor. He was super cool even though he looks like a fucking serial killer. Oh, and Ava won the raffle and got a pimp new fishing hat!!!!! What do you think should we get a porn industry fishing derby going???????

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