Fayner Posts: Remember back at the XRCO awards when Sierra Sin came up to me and threw her drink on me because she thought I was TheRealLukeFord?

I’m still inflicting payback on her, slowly like baby steps ’cause it’s fun.

Well yesterday I got some amazing news – if amazing means the most idiotic thing known to human – about Sierra Sin.

It seems she is the mother of a two year girl.

Now we all know that naming your child is important. Calling her Gertrude will not be good for her when her peers start teasing each other. Also Beatrice is a shitty name for a chick.

Now some parents like to go the other route, naming their daughter Crystal or Candy or Tammy. This can warp her future when she figures out that the only women with these names are strippers.

Well Sierra went one baby step further then that by naming her daughter Sierra.

Fast forward to when Sierra (the daughter) is ten years old and curious.

"Mommy, where does my name come from?"

"Well, Sierra, Sierra is the name I used when I was doing porno…you know, getting fucked in the ass and loads in the face and pretty much a horrible time in my life because I’m useless otherwise."

"Thanks, mom."

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