Fayner Posts: This summer heat sure takes its tole on creativity. Just ask me and TR.

"You need to update Dawg!" TR yelled.

"Its summer time," I replied. "There’s nothing going on!"

"Why don’t you do an interview with Bandit?"

"You mean another interview with Bandit? Its played out."

"You have to write something or you’re fired! And I mean it this time!"

"How about I interview Smokie instead?"

"Oh, that’s a great idea! Interview Smokie now!"

"I can’t do it now. Smokie’s a star, and stars don’t just do interviews any old time. Smokie says we have to go out to Malibu tomorrow and wine and dine her before she’ll open up to us."

"Fine," TR said, "we’ll go to Malibu tomorrow, but you have to do the interview after that, okay?" 

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