Hi Fayner,

This Batman comic book page about boners actually appeared in print a long time ago, and it’s pretty funny.
Like "gay" used to mean "happy", "boner" used to mean a "mistake", and I bet you already knew that.

Bradley Robinson

Fayner Says: Thanks for this, Bradley. All I remember is "Charlie" used to only be the British slang for cocaine, then a bunch of asswipes had to go and ruin the word by naming people Charlie. Don’t believe me? Try and remember back in the day when a little show called Charles In Charge took this hipster word and made it into something so horrible only Scott Baio could attach his name to the project…I mean, he was fucking Chachi on Happy Days one day and a fag the next.

Sad sad sad…

anyway, this comic has the word boner in it a bunch and that’s funny

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