Shy Love and Eric Hunter sued.


VAN NUYS, Calif. — Allegations of criminal and civil misconduct have been brought by plaintiff Michael Fletcher against Sheelagh and Eric Blumberg in a legal dispute over the ownership of Vicious Media, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The suit, which alleges breach of oral contract, breach of fiduciary duty, slander, tortious interference and intentional infliction of emotional distress, was brought by Fletcher against the Blumbergs — known in the adult business as Shy Love and Eric Hunter — after Fletcher requested an audit in February.

According to court papers, Fletcher’s request was met with a demand for an additional $300,000 from his partners — or a statement that he surrender ownership — as well as numerous personal threats.

Fletcher has alleged that the business dispute turned personal when Eric Blumberg “threatened to report a false rape against plaintiff, to cut off his fingers, smash his teeth out on the curb [and] to kill Fletch[er]…and not get caught,” the complaint read. Fletcher also alleged that Blumberg threatened interference by his wife’s “mafia father.”

Blumberg referred XBIZ to his attorney, Scott Fields for comment.

“We have no specific comment on the merits of this lawsuit at this time,” Fields told XBIZ. “Other than to say that these allegations are groundless and will be aggressively defended.”

Fletcher, who told XBIZ that he has a background in mainstream marketing, served as the marketing director for Vicious. He first began his dealings with the Blumbergs in July of 2005, when he invested $250,000.

According to Fletcher, the pace at which business operations moved did not allow for a final written agreement between the parties.

“We had emails back and forth, and I believed that they had properly formed the corporation,” Fletcher said.

Damages were not specified in the suit.

Despite the suit against the Blumbergs, Fletcher said that he continues to work as a marketing consultant in the adult entertainment industry.

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