Fayner Posts: So early this morning I was at the "Wanted List" house – Danny, Ahn, Dan, Yuka and Kim (and it’s funny how the house always seems to have only Asians living there, and along comes a gorgeous caucasian dame named Kim, which is a very Asian-friendly name!) – just being my normal bad self.

Adam Grayson, who runs Search Extreme and Jekyll & Hyde was there. He’s a good guy, considering he’s a Jew.

I forget how it came up.

"Blah blah blah," Adam rambled, "blah blah I got my ass raped by a chick with a strap on blah blah blah…"

"WHAT???" I shot back.

"You never heard this story? It’s so old."

"I’ve spent all these years knowing you but not really knowing you," I replied.

Okay, so I was way way way fucked up by this point, but if I can remember the story it happened in Vegas a few conventions ago. Some porno chick with hebrew letter tattoos kept telling Adam she was gonna rape his ass.

Long story short, Adam says he was really drunk – good excuse – and didn’t remember anything. He says it really hurt afterwards.

"You got fucked, huh?" I said. "You know, some years back I met Brittany Andrews in Vegas and she said something like, ‘Oh, you’re a cutie. I’m gonna rape your ass!’ But unlike you I felt running away and not passing out in front of her was the logical move."

"Fuck you, Fayner. Wanna see me gape?"

We at LukeFord salute Adam for having the balls to be honest about being fucked in the ass. What sucks is that as a Jew he can’t be buried in a Jewish Cemetary when he dies because his ass cherry has been popped. What a shame.

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