Fayner Posts: I read on Luke’s site yesterday the sad tale of Jason’s first fuck flick as a director being a total piece of shit, and thought that maybe I could be of assistance to the sweet little cock craving fellow if he is given another chance behind the helm. Although Jason blames the poor editing, as someone who has watched a lot of porn I know that shitty editing does not make-or-break a movie. Much of the worst porno is edited well, as is much of the best flicks poorly edited. Sure, it’s a great excuse, but when all is said and done it comes down to the director to deliver a quality product to the shelves.

So I was thinking today while driving – Hard to believe, right? – about ways to help Jason without letting him go balls-deep on my pecker. I came up with a awesome title and premise for a fag flick and would love to give it to Jason.

So here it is (and excuse me if this has already been done. As you may know, I’m not gay and therefore not up-to-date on homosexual pornography) for Jason, or anyone else, to use. I’ll even write the script.

You know how pretty much every straight night club and bar from here to Calcutta has a man to woman ratio of about 10-to-1 at any given time? It’s called a "Sausage Party" or "Cock Fest" or "Testicle Festival", any of which would make a perfect title for this project.

So you have a bunch of guys hanging around a club and none are getting chicks ’cause there are none. Drinks are poured, followed by more drinks, and soon there’s a bunch of drunk horny dudes standing around. A couple funny dialogue segments and a gay porno of high merit is born.

Sound good? Let me know if you want me to write up a silly script for ya. If not, do with this idea as you wish. Just credit me under the name Dick Friendly, okay? I still have a reputation to uphold…

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