Fayner Posts: Despite all my pettiness and anger-for-the-sake-of-anger ramblings throughout my years here, I’ve always been proud of myself for two things: admitting when I’m wrong and giving credit when credit is due.

Sure, I’ve had my ups and downs with Mary Carey over the years, poked fun at her and beraded her with insults from time to time. I mean, there is a boiling point in all of us, and mine reaches its maximum after a chick continues talking about herself while sucking my dick, then months later calls me up from Florida asking me to send her cocaine and finally when she attempts to sue me for slander (libel). I’m only human.

But Mary and I continue to remain civil throughout the years. For that reason I am here giving Mary Carey props for something she recently said somewhere to someone about something.

And forgive me for not properly crediting the source of this quote, ’cause I can’t remember and refuse to use my "history" button and see which sites I’ve visited lately to correctly name the source.

It was remarked that Mary, a democrat, should not be supporting republicans by attending any of their charity dinners with Prez. Bush, to which Mary replied something to the extent of, "letting a liberal porno chick attend just shows how much republicans only care about money."

Mary is dead-on here, and it is a perfect example of their greed. One wonders who else would be given a seat at one of their charity events for the right price? Hitler? David Duke? Osama Bin Laden?

And for the record, I’m of the opinion that about 10% of people who donate to the Republican Party only send $20 and do so for the signed and framed photo of Bush and his wife so they can snort cocaine off it. I’ve personally done lines off around 10 in my day, and would send away for my very own if my check wouldn’t bounce right away.

However, every positive thing must end with a negative, and that negative is something I saw while on Mary’s campaign web site.

Under Mary’s Platform, she lists her many goals if elected, one of which being "Make strip clubs full nude with full alchol". Although I fully agree with her here, I can’t help thinking she’d be taken more seriously if she took the time to spell check her list. If I was even thinking of maybe voting for her I’d see this typo and change my mind. How can one be appointed to run California if they can’t even spell correctly or have the brains to spell check?


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