Fayner Posts: I got a frantic call from smut slut Jenna Presley today. It’s becoming a common thing these days…

"Listen," she said, "I need your help here."

"Maybe," I shot back. "Remember, honey, Travis and I are good friends so…"

"Not that!" Jenna barked. "Fuck!"

"Sorry. What can I help you with?"

"Okay, so I’m having a killer day so far. Travis fucked me good and hard. I found $100 in the street. I scored a free car wash for showing the guy my tits."

"Not bad."

"Okay, so here’s where I’m freaking out. I went and got my mail and there was a letter from Ed McMahon saying I may have already won a million dollars. I’m too scared to open it ’cause I could really use a million dollars, but I’m afraid I’ll not win and be really upset. What should I do?"

"I’d open it; they don’t just send those to anyone. I bet you won."

"You think so? Okay, I’ll wait until Travis comes back home and fucks me then I’ll open it and see if I won. I’ll let you know, okay?"

"Please do. I’m really curious to see if you won."

"Cool! Later!"


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