Fayner Posts: Remember how I was thinking that Cassidey would fuck up and not bring me Dunkin’ Donuts back from NYC for my birthday, or if she did remember the donuts would be all fucked up and unedible?



Well, Cassidey came back to L.A. yesterday and called me up.

"Hey, guess what? I was in such a rush leaving NYC I couldn’t get you a giant box of donuts. But I did get you a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee mug and I put a $100 in it!"

"Why would you give me money?" I asked.

"I figure I forgot the donuts but I’d give you dough instead. Get it?"


"Problem is, I think I left the coffee mug with the hundred dollar bill in the cab that took me from the airport. Fuck!"

"Good one," I replied. "I must admit even I couldn’t have came up with that scenario."

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