Fayner Posts: A while back Dani Woodward called me up saying some scum in Chicago was namedropping Barrett and Tyler to get chicks to fly to him and shoot for his company, and when she did he tried having her fall for the old "Oh, my test is expired but let’s do it anyways" line. He’s done it again, and I have agreed to help bring him down. If any porno chicks are unable to read please ask someone to read this to you so you don’t get screwed.

Hopefully you’ve had time to talk to Barrett and Tyler;just to make sure I’m legitimate. Anyway, I need to let people in the industry about a shady character in Chicago. The guys name is Mike Grace, and he operates under TDP Inc. or TDP Productions ( as in Thick Dick Productions); his slimebag is trading on other peoples names such as Barrett Blade or Rockstarz Films. He is an acquaintance of Sam’s(Rockstarz Films) and has used Both our name and Barret’s name (as he knows that we are friends with Barrett, Tyler, and Etc.). He has shot primarily amateurs but is now trying to get professionals to come to Chicagoand shoot with him. He doesn’t pay after the scene are shot, he has pulled this dodge four times. The first time was with Dani Woodward around Christmas time, but Barrett called me and we took care of Dani. Most recently he tried to run a scam on Nicki Hilton, but one of our new web investors was able to save her from this douchebag’s scam. Both Sam and Tom from Rockstarz want all industry people to know unless you speak to us directly, we don’t vouch for anyone in the Chicago area. The same should be said for Barrett Blade and Tyler Durden as we are their only contacts in Chicago. Please feel free to contact us via our website to question anyone’s claims  or  . Thanks,
Tommy Rock

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