As Kiss My Ass, directed by Lauren Phoenix so avidly demonstrates, all relationships start with a basic smooch and can go anywhere from there. Usually in the rectum.

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To convey that message, Phoenix has developed a sequence of highly charged bondage scenarios in which the guy takes the blunt end of abuse early in the domination scene only to turn tables and deliver the just desserts in the end. A statement which can be taken quite literally.

Among others, this exhaustively captured gonzo set piece features Julie Night, Alec Knight and Tyler Knight– perhaps a sly attempt to out Knight the One Night in Paris [Hilton] tape for casting. In her sparking moments before the camera, Julie and Darryl Hanah give the what-for to Benjamin Bratt. Treated like a ninny with a testosterone disorder, Ben’s forced to wedge his face deep in Julie’s ass and tongue kiss her sphincter ring. Except the energy turns decisively as Hanah gets her share of cock before Julie’s first bent over then gets Ben’s pile driving penis deep in her ass. Another little plus in all of these scenes is the ongoing attention given to vag-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth recreation.

Katja Kassin in the show’s opener gets butt fucked prison-style by her blindfolded and shackled partner after she’s unlocked the cuffs, thus unleashing his inner demons. With hair pulled back and her face drawn in a tight snarl, Kassin displays a somewhat different look than we’re generally accustomed to seeing. Yet Katja never disappoints the viewer or leaves him wanting for more- especially in this fiendish exercise which puts her robust Euro butt through some pretty amazing paces. The way Starbucks brews coffee, Kassin produces more anal than most performers before 6am. And this is a solid representation of her spirited work.

Dungeon-restrained, Randy Spears is also manhandled by Rita Faltoyano before letting her know between whose legs the cock resides. Randy’s propensities turn this B&D engagement into foot worship momentarily before some serious anal gets tossed in the mix. Here’s a good for instance- Randy improvises a marvelous pile driver by arching Rita over a bench before letting his balls do the talking. Good instincts like this takes a blistering anal scene, as it is, to a wholly different level.

Lauren Phoenix then pairs with Cindy Crawford who plays it yes, mam meek and suppliant in a living room three way that includes the vastly underrated Alec Knight. Knight could keep wood in a wind tunnel but doesn’t have to contend with those kinds of elements once Phoenix puts her ass within striking distance. Cindy generously assists, but the momentum’s all Lauren once the proof of anal is established. The show’s final pairing sees Chayanne Jacobs and Brian Surewood. Fairly new to the business at the time this scene was shot, Jacobs, with authority and resolution, takes it in the ass from Surewood like a hard bargainer who’s being paid by the dingleberry.

Defiance/Torrid has established an excellent track record so far by turning the directorial reins over to the ladies, and here’s another splendid payback on the investment.

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