I rented "Justine’s Red Letters" from a local video store and I wanted to thank you.  Films like this are the reason I’m working to obtain a sex change and become a woman.  Someday I hope that I can be like Justine or Katie or Taryn or Vanessa but especially Melissa.

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When I saw the scene of Melissa in the red corset with the jewels on her eyelashes I was stunned…she was just so beautiful I wanted to cry that I wasn’t a woman yet.   Then when she did the scene and was on her knees with her hands behind her and was deep throating the guy I said to myself that’s the reason I want to be a woman.  I want to be in her place…kneeling ina beautiful outfit, makeup done perfectly, hair just so, while a man slams his cock down my throat.  

Then he jams his fingers up her ass while she’s sucking the cock?  I SO want to be her!!!!!!!!!!!

While the whole movie was excellent, I’m going to buy it just for Melissa’s scene alone.  It’s inspiration for me as I go through this process of finding a psychatrist to sign off on me beginning the sex change process. 

So thank you for your work and that movie.  It’s going to help me in a way that you probably never expected.

"Sara Marie"

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