Fayner Posts: I’ve done two non-sex extra performances since I started this gig years ago. The first was for Zupko’s The Opera portraying the Devil who dealt drugs out of a trash dumpster. The other was for Vivid’s Pretty Girl starring Ashley Blue and directed by David Stanley in which I played Chester (Stanley) who was a super loser. Knowing Stanley was a huge Simpsons fan, I wore my homemade t-shirt UCLA YANKEE COLA that only true Simpsons could figure out.

Tomorrow I do my third performance for HD TV Kribs, a Suitcase Jones movie for Lurid Entertainment as a favor for Harry Weiss. Actually, I think I asked him if I could do a walk-on. So he’s doing me a favor.

I’m playing a homeless guy. Big stretch, huh? I tried to get my doggy Rhiannon in it too as my homeless mutt but Harry thought she might bite someone. Funny how no one’s scared I’ll bite someone. I’ll get some pictures so everyone can get a glimpse of what I would look like if I was a homeless scumbag, despite me already being one.

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