Lukeford has just learedn that a producer for Fox Television and The Geraldo Rivera show has been placing calls to transexual star Vaniity to discuss her ‘relationship’ with hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen.

The same Fox producer is also looking to speak on camera with Lukeford’s very own Scott Fayner regarding the possible connection between the death of Chloe Jones and Charlie Sheen’s ‘alledged involvement’ as stated by his soon to be ex-wife.

I wonder if the camera will add 15 pounds to Fayner?? That’d put him at 100 pounds!

Vaniity, Fayner, Chloe Jones, Charlie Sheen…. I can’t wait to hear/see this story…. stay tuned!

If anyone thinks they have something to contribute to this story ON-CAMERA, email us and we’ll put you in direct contact with the Fox Producer. mail to webmaster@lukeford.com

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