Alex Brown Writes In: Do a google image search on "Fayner" There is your sweet ass getting tounged by a porn whore…I don’t know if it’s nicer thant TR but will let society make that judgement.

Also tell Taylor Richard Pryor was funny becuase he had better english than her.

Fayner Says: Okay, so you saw a picture of me. Ouch. I’m crying inside, really I am.

Before I tell Taylor what you said, may I first tell you that by using incorrect English while trying to blast her you are just making yourself seem dumber than you’re trying to make her?

Maybe if you said that "Richard Pryor was funny becuase he "spoke" better English than her" I’d have something better to say to you than you suck fat illegal Mexican balls on Tuesday mornings while drinking coffee and reading the paper.

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