Ed Writes In: You truly are a dumb Jew!  Your statement "[j]ust goes to show how stupid he is, and also how uncaring he is towards anyone who isn’t in the position to give him money, power or cocaine (allegedly)" in regards to Bush needs to be substantiated!  On what basis does this chicken-shit statement hold water? 

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Perhaps, you should contact your fellow Hebrews to ask them just how "uncaring" Bush is of your "promised land" – Israel!  Seems to me we’re (America) is the only ally the Jews have on the planet!  Iran’s nutcase president said the other day he would launch a nuclear attack on Israel if the US took military action to keep their atomic ambitions from realization. 

As for "money" … sure Bush has lots of it.  But ALL politicians have money and use their influence to swindle it from their constituents.  Do you remember Clinton and his land scams, his tricked out wife’s $1K investment that turned into $100K in less than a year, or his sudden acquisition of a multi-million dollar home in New York? 

"[P]ower or cocaine"?  Give me a fucking break!  You fucking hypocrit!  You use your "power" in the industry to get you pussy you would never have a chance to score if you weren’t who you are.  Cocaine, who really gives a flying shit? 

Before you start making pussy-assed statements like "destroying the country" and "wake me up when it’s time for another president", you should have facts to back up your statements.  Only children talk shit with immunity.  Grow up, Hebrew!  The world is actually out to get your people!  You should thank God everyday you have someone like Bush and his administration battling the terrorist fucks so that you can snort coke, party, and fuck girls you know you couldn’t get but for money!

Fayner Says: You must be joking to question my basis for writing that Bush only cares about interests which brings power and money to his legacy. Are you? One only has to remember what happened in that city we call New Orleans to understand his priorities. Where was he then? He was fighting a war to control all the oil (ie: money and power) while American’s died.

And pulling the "you’re a Jew and should be grateful for America" crap doesn’t fly with me. Everyone knows that the only reason America is behind Israel is to have a place to set up camp when the shit does hit the fan. America needs Israel more than israel needs America. With the best armed forces in the Middle East and the best Air Force in the World, my belief is they can take care of themselves against anyone other than America, and that’s only due to the U.S.’s larger killing machine.

Your cocaine argument I find too laughable to say anything.

9-11 was planned to start a war. Bush ain’t protecting any of my rights by sending boys to die for oil and money and a legacy. He’s actually taking them away slowly, one by one. I love how you said "You should thank God everyday you have someone like Bush and his administration battling the terrorist fucks so that you can snort coke, party, and fuck girls" when if you think about it wasn’t it Bush’s daddy who flooded our streets with cocaine and has nothing to do with terrorists.

Do me a favor and check out and see how Bush’s family is profiting from this war. The go wipe your ass with our constitution ’cause it’s worthless.
I appreciate your insane attacks on my beliefs, it just goes to show how bad America’s educational system really is.

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