Taylor Rain writes…… I was watching an old Richard Pryor comedy concert late the other night and he spent like 5 minutes talkin about the KKK and shit, so I wrote a what’s hard and what’s whack and put the KKK in it. Ok, so if a black comedian talks about KKK it’s funny, but if I do it’s racist? Come on people, lighten up! I listen to rap music, smoke out with black friends, I gots no problems!! Lighten up!!!


Have We Become So Jaded…  

… That blatantly racist statements don’t so much as cause us to bat an eyelash?

I’m still wrestling with that one a bit.

As many of you know, Taylor Rain, owner, writer, and editor of has this little thing she does on a nearly daily basis called What’s Hard and What’s Whack? This is usually a comparison of two similar things. Usually the two subjects she uses are such vapid things as cars, sandwiches, or television shows.

However, last week she made an assertion far bolder than anything having to do with how a corned beef sandwich should be served when she wrote, “The KKK is Hard and the Panthers is Whack."

Maybe, like all of us, Taylor just had a momentary lapse of anything resembling judgment when she posted this. Maybe she was stoned and as many things do when one is under the influence (something I know well), it seemed like a good idea. Maybe it was an innocent, inside joke between her and her partner in crime, Scott Fayner, and she felt she’d share it with the world not realizing no one else would get it. Maybe she wanted people to talk about her and link to her blog.

Maybe it’s all four of those things.

I guess her reasoning for this little faux pas is irrelevant, at least to this article. What is relevant to this article is that there was a general lack of reaction to the assertion that the Ku Klux Klan is, ya know, ‘hard.’

I was talking with Peter Warren of AVN on Friday about this and he asked me if I found it odd that he was the only person upset by Miss Rain’s words. It didn’t take me long to answer this question. My assessment was simple. Almost daily, Taylor perpetuates her reputation as a slacking, trifling stoner and constantly updates her website with ridiculous, irrelevant tripe. As a result, I’d find it hard to believe that anyone with enough sense to figure out that throwing your silverware drawer in a microwave and turning it on high is a bad idea would also figure out that anything found on that website (short of the endless copy and pastes from legitimate news outlets) cannot be taken seriously in the least. I also went on to tell Peter that reprimanding someone like Taylor Rain would do about as much good as beating a senior citizen with a croquet mallet. It might be pretty satisfying, given the circumstances, but you’ll accomplish virtually nothing.

That being said, what does it say about us when no one even thought twice about it, even if the writer isn’t exactly known for her credentials? Have we become so jaded by our industry that when one of our own presents an out of context, blatantly racist point of view that we simply roll our eyes and scoff? If so, how damning is such a thing?

As far as being jaded, I think it’s a fair assumption to make. After all, every month there’s some interracial title released that’s pretty fucking offensive. A few come to mind such as, Sack the Wetback, Slant Eye for the Straight Guy, the (insert female performer name here) Has a Negro Problem! Series, and My Daughter’s Fucking a Nigga. We’re just used to this kind of language by now. It’s almost as casual as saying ‘blowjob’ or ‘cumshot’ to us.

As far as what it says about us, well, I just don’t know. I can’t say that I feel particularly proud of it. I mean it’d be different if there were some significant, poignant context to all of this, but there isn’t. It’s just all done in what would best be characterized as good fun.

I guess we just have to ask the question of ourselves, “Is it really all that fun?”

I suppose that when we figure out the answer to that question, we’ll have the answers to all of these questions.

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