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the ole pirate hooker…

So where does the time go??? Its May!!!! Holy Bitchball pirate hookers! Half the year is almost over and I have no clue what I did this has to stop, I mean come on! The weeks are flyyyin by I drove home from a week of meetings in LA on Saturday. It was a nice drive with Jenna, we actually had a great week- We golfed on Monday; if you want to call it that. Our team shot 6th under (I will get the actual score so I can announce winner). We had a blast at the tournament and totally refrained from drinking.. ok, that’s a lie! Tequilla was flowing!  The second half of our 8some took second, they were the real golfers..waaay to serious for my clunky group! Tuesday started a super long week of meetings. I had meetings, and she actually had some time to relax and chill at the Bev Hills Hotel (we will have that talk later in the blog!) We got home late, the dogs ripped me to shreds because they once again had forgotten who I Sunday was a quick day of catchin up at the house and with life unpacked packed.. and got up at 6 a.m. got ready and hopped on a plane back to LA. Oh yeah— Hey, it was a niiice day at home at least! Kris, my sister, came over to show Jena her new boobs we got her…ok, like I was going to look! Your minds are in the gutter –that is commendable though! She also brought over dinner for Jenna and myself, our fav, chicken crepes…there is a God! I slept for crap last night..we watched the Sapranos (TIVO) after I was trying to fall asleep….just nod off.ring ring….ring-ugh! I answer, and its Holt with stuff regarding our meetings the following day and other biz stuff shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I have one rule in bed..nothing that has to do with work ( is ok!). It was like that commercial with the onion on it answering the sleep,ugh. Well, it worked again..nada for sleep! WTF was I talking about??? Oh, so I am back in LA, had a nice day of mtgs and checked into my hotel. Jenna comes out tomorrow and is doing something at the Saturn Awards. I will have wrapped up my day by the time she needs to be there so I can attend also honestly, I have no clue what the awards are, ooops. We are here all week and her thru next Wednesday I think. I need to get home and get my EDIT on at some point so yall can see some new movies!

So, time to go back and talk about the sweet 4 ft cube bungalow we had at Bev Hills Hotel last week! Jenna has ripped on me all week because I was pissy about how big the room comment if we are paying $@..*& a night the room better at least be able to fit a room service cart inside! (arms up!)! LOL. At least it leaves for a good story. This week dif hotela lil larger room. Its funny guys want a bigger room, girls want bedding. Guys want large portions of food and late night dining girls want a nice spa and gift shop.
I will recap yall as the week goes on One last small rant, how funny are some peeps myspace names.. I get a friend request from whu slung poo . Ya gotta admit, that shit is funny no really!


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