Fayner Posts: So I snorted cocaine and gun powder yesterday. I said I would do it.  But since I am forbidden from doing blow at my house per TR’s order, I found myself pulling off Topanga onto some side street and snorting it right there in broad daylight.

I see it as cocaine with a punch, but not as bogus as when assholes dice up meth into the coke. I’m sure all the added energy was purely in my mind. I instantly felt like becoming an African child about to go to war, just as the description I found said I would.

The only downside was the horrible black colored snot I kept blowing out of my nose all day long.

I recommend it to everyone with adventure in their heart.


Fayner to snort gunpowder and cocaine!

#1) I hope and pray he overdoses. Is it wrong to pray to God that someone dies a horrible death? Could use some clarification on that one.

#2) I don’t know if it is "good" to pray for his death, but…what is "good" anyways?

#3) I think it would be hilarious is he had gunpowder residue left in his nostrils and pharynx and somehow it got ignited by hot cigarette vapor.

#4) I hope he tries to cut the shit with a rusty razor blade on a large flint-rock table in a room with a nice cozy fire burning in the fireplace. 

#5) The only gun powder that should go up his nose should be expelled from the barrel of a 45. 

#6) i want to buy a cordless nailgun and just staple fentanyl fentanyl patches to him until his lungs fill with fluid and he drowns on what he’s choking on because he’s been telling us how dangerous a life he’s living and how on the edge he is, yet he’s still alive. all i want is to watch him gurgle some strange fluids filling his lungs then die as his bmr plummets. then crucify him in public, like jesus who his people killed.

#7) he has aids 

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