Brown-brown is a form of powdered cocaine, cut with gunpowder. Commonly given to child soldiers before battle in west African armed conflicts, the drug gained notoriety after it was used by Nicholas Cage’s character, Yuri Orlov, in the 2005 movie Lord of War. Consumed by inhalation, the drug has no different effects from regular cocaine, as the addition of gunpowder largely serves to add to an aura of toughness, though it may create a psychosomatic effect upon the user.

Fayner Posts: I’m gonna do a brown-brown tonight. A friend opened up a bullet for me yesterday, and this evening I’m crossing another dumb drug off my list. The last one I did was DMT and I hated it. But a brown-brown sounds cool and safe. I mean, if an African kid can take it so can I.

Pictures and review to come.

If I live.

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