Hey Fayner,
               I read Lukeford everyday and I thought you would be the one to ask. Whatever happened to that chick Kelly Kroft, she did a few movies and disappeared. I read the other day that she wasn’t in the biz anymore, but just curious if you knew anymore than that. The main reason I am wondering is because if you watch her scene in "Cumdrippers 5" she looked hot and she had only done a couple of scenes up to that point. Then I saw "Butt Creampie 2" and she looked like maybe her short time in the porn business had really taken its toll. Her fuckin asshole was literally blown out, like a trip to the hospital kind of shit, and she just looked like she might have a drug problem tiffany holiday style. Thanks man the sites looks good, you and TMFR keep it up! 
                                                                                                                                            Chris J

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Fayner Says: Funny you should ask, Chris, because I recently ran into Kelly twice in the last week. The first was at the Ralph’s by my house; she was yelling at the produce guy because some of the strawberries in the pack she bought were rotten…like it was his fault. I offered to buy her a new package of strawberries. She accepted.

The second time was at the dog track. She was working as the popcorn girl. She wasn’t doing very good.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I don’t even know who she is and just made all of this up right now.


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