10:47 a.m. Boise man arrested for throwing naked pictures of himself out car window to kids

Boise police arrested a Boise man Wednesday who reportedly threw naked photos of himself out his car window to children in West Boise neighborhoods late last week.

Franklin J. Arroues, 45, is charged with six counts of disseminating material harmful to minors.

Arroues allegedly slowly drove first through a neighborhood near Edna and Maple Grove last Friday throwing the photos from his vehicle toward three children ages 11 to 16.

The children reportedly picked up the photos when a woman in the neighborhood took the photos from the children and called the police.

While police took a description of the man and his vehicle from the woman and children, a second call of a man passing out obscene photos from his car came in from a neighborhood about a mile away near Edna and Cloverdale came in.

The man had reportedly driven by three children ages 5 to 7 playing in a yard three times before throwing out more naked pictures. The father of one of the children grabbed the photos and gave police a detailed description of the vehicle, including a license plate number.

Patrol officers located a suspect in his home. Follow up by detectives resulted in a warrant for Arroue’s arrest and he was taken into custody Wednesday.

Detectives say the description of the suspect and his vehicle do not match any other reports of suspicious vehicles or suspicious activity.

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