I came across this video about 9/11.. and honestly I was shocked.

For a little background…. i was THERE on 9/11.
I was across the river in Weehawken, NJ.. and after the first plane hit, I spent the next 50 minutes with my co-workers standing at the rivers edge looking directly across trhe river at the towers, watching the second plane hit as well as the two towers fall.

SO, when I hear all the crackpot stories about conspiracies on 9/11 I get pissed off. I was there, I knew several people who lost their lives… so I’m not amused by any of that shit.

BUT… I saw this video, watched it in its’ entirety and it sort of shook me! If you have the time and patience to watch this, click here.

You decide!! It just makes you think… a lot.

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