Not Fayner Posts: Did you hear that Fayner died again? Real bummer, huh? I know I’m truly sad and angry…kinda like when Nathan did his daily mid-afternoon Spring Cleaning and tossed out my brand new steak and cheese calzone that Haley Paige bought me and I never got to eat…I mean, that Fayner never got to eat.

’cause I’m not Fayner. I’m Not Fayner. We’re two different people, seriously.

Anyway, I’ll be here for a while while the boss figures out what to do now that Fayner is dead and the site needs a new writer to fill in the gaps. I know I’m not doing it. No way. The last time I was subbing for Fayner after his nervous breakdown I got so many blow jobs and little baggies of coke I almost died myself.

Anyone want to become the new writer?

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