LOS ANGELES – Evan Seinfeld, CEO of Teravision and former bassist for the rock band Biohazard, has joined fellow rockers Ted Nugent, Scott Ian (Anthrax), Sebastian Bach Skid Row) and Jason Bonham in a new VH1 reality show titled “SuperGroup.”

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The seven-episode series, scheduled for May, will show the rockers from separate bands, living at a Las Vegas mansion for two weeks in an effort to work together and write and record a new song.

“We really didn’t know who the other members of the group would be until we got there so when I walked in and saw Ted Nugent there, I thought he’d be my biggest adversary, but in the end, we turned into blood brothers,” Seinfeld said.

Although he wouldn’t give away some of the action that takes place between the musicians, Seinfeld said the program shows how people can learn from one another and try to accomplish a common goal.

Michael Hirschorn, VH1’s executive vice president of original programming, said the program is a way to help the channel recapture some of its music programming after a run of non-music-oriented reality shows featuring b-list celebrities.

It was just two years ago that the channel developed “Bands Reunited,” “Bands on the Run,” and “I love the 80s” music nostalgia show, which ultimately ran their course and went off the air.

This latest show, however, has some sex appeal when Seinfeld’s wife, Tera Patrick joins the four men for a few episodes.

“I think that people feel safe around Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick because we represent mainstream and porn colliding and converging,” Seinfeld said. “You really don’t see other porn stars getting the mainstream recognition that Tera does because she is beautiful and because she is smart and is successful in everything she does.”

Although cameras were pointed at the musicians 24 hours a day, much drama ensued during the show, resulting in some gritty and sometimes violent moments that he says he’s not particularly proud of.

Meanwhile, Seinfeld says he’s continuing his work with Teravision while also developing music projects with a number of music industry members. “I’m not quitting porn,” he said. “And I’m not going to quit making music either.”

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