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STAVROS NIARCHOS is back in Europe with the NIARCHOS family, probably explaining to them why he is still with Miz HILTON. He is expected back in a week, but meanwhile, PARIS is searching the hottest clubs just to make sure he has not slipped away and is carrying on without her.

This leaves the lovely, Princess PARIS HILTON partying up a storm as she searches for her lost Greek god. Last night she was at THE LOBBY. The night before she was at KOI and MOOD. Ex-boyfriend SIMON REX was also at MOOD. Who knows which old flame was at THE LOBBY.

I think she is trying to tease STAVROS by appearing in as many gossip and tabloid picture stories as she can hustle while he is out of town.Reading those spicy stories will make him hurry up and return quickly to the pretty heiress. Some things never change.

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