Fayner Posts: Got a call just now from Rick. Some of us know him as that awesome guy who married Jesse Jane. Some of us know him as that asshole guy who married Jesse Jane. I’m still not sure how I feel about him.

“What the fuck is going on over there?” he yelled.


“I’m all the way over here in Oklahoma with no excitement at all and I check out your site to maybe get a little buzz from some juicy story and all I see is fucking interviews with your dog and Nate winning a bunch of coins! How lame are you?”

“Pretty lame.”

“Someone needs to kill themselves, or someone else, or get in a car crash or overdose or SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Do I need to come back and stir things up a bit?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“You’re supposed to say you’ll try harder.”

“I’ll try harder.”

“Good. Bye.”


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