Kate Moss Cleans Up Her Karma

from SKY.com

Kate MossMadonna’s got Kabbalah, Tom Cruise has Scientology, Cliff Richard has Christianity…

Now another celebrity has realised that it’s time to look further than the trappings of the showbiz world and explore the spiritual side of life – and it looks like Buddhism is calling Kate Moss.

According to Grazia magazine, supermodel Kate is looking into Buddhism.

A source said: “Kate feels Buddhism will get her through the dark times.

“She’s been reading up about karma and is fascinated by the idea that your behaviour comes back on you.”

Kate lost several contracts after pictures of her allegedly taking drugs with former boyfriend Pete Doherty appeared in the Daily Mirror.

Following a stay in a US clinic she has returned to work and the offers have poured in, earning her the nickname Comeback Kate.

The source added: “She’s thinking about doing charity work to get good karma in her life.”

So, is Kate going to become a fully-fledged Buddhist?

We’ll have to meditate on that one.

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