Taylor Rain Posts (and Fayner edits): I spent the weekend chillin at the house mostly!

Saturday Keith and I went to see my dad in the OC, ate some italian food, all good!

Yesterday me, Keith, Anthony and Kelly all took the dogs to the beach on PCH and had a great time. Kelly and I drove in the 645i convertible, top down!!Keith and Anthony followed with the dogs in the Escalade. Bandit and Booger kept running into the water after sticks and tennis balls. And I brought the newest addition to our family too. SMOKEY!!!

I know a lot of you thought I had a kid, I got over 100 emails to taylor@clubtaylorrain.com congratulating me on the new baby, but oopsie I made a poopsie, it wasn’t a 2 legged kid, it was a four legged kid that I got from a pit bull breeder.

Smokey is a female Blue Nose Pitbull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someday you’ll be reading about me having a baby, I can’t wait because then I can go to xxxporntalk and read all the shit they talk about me havin a baby. Man people really do hate me over there, why I don’t know. You’d think I did something to them personally for them to hate. How do you hate someone you’ve never met? Weird, but all good. I love xxxporntalk, mostly because it’s uncensored. I like that fact that you can post what you want there, good or bad. I don’t mind people hatin’ on me, I have a lot of fans and I have haters, so it’s all good.

Anyway, i went off subject.

here are pics of me and ‘Smokey & The Bandit’ 

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