Fayner Posts: I understand how hard it must be to imagine exactly what young Taylor Rain was thinking when she blurted out “Eric Clampton!” at the first listen of a Van Halen (Van Hagar) song, so I guess asking you to correctly answer this for the chance to go to a Clippers game with a porno chick is unfair. No one could ever guess this except me, ‘cause I know that TR says “Eric Clampton” just about any time a rock song comes on the radio.

So we’ll make this a bit easier for all of ya’ll.

The first person who can successfully gross me out with a story about anything will win the first set of Clippers tickets. That shouldn’t be as difficult to do.




Send answers to

Good luck, and remember, I don’t get grossed out too easily, so make it something to the effect of a tale about how your mother accidentally brushed your package with her hand when it was in the state of arousal. That’s gross. It makes for funny content too.

Get to it, kiddos!

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