Ok, I’m really starting to get the hand of this website stuff! It’s staring to be a lot of fun.

I snapped a bunch of pics of Bandit, got some polaroids too. And I had keith take a bunch of polaroids of me too! Guess what, people really love this shit. So far I’ve got 2 custom video requests and requests for 14 polaroids. Ok, i really am starting to like this!

So for my first custom video i have to take a shower and shave my pussy and play with myself inside the shower and then get out of the shower and get into my bed and play with myself more, sticking my fingers into my pussy and my ass asshole. At the same time I have to say the writers name over and over, and then cum!! The guy wants me to have the camera guy get a closeup of the cum in my pussy, dripping down to my ass!

No problem! Ready to go! I get paid for this? Wow. I can sit home, smoke weed, play with Bandit, go outside and hit switches, come in and take some polaroids, play with myself and get paid!!!!!!!! HOLLA !!

Keep the requests coming, hit me up via email at taylor@clubtaylorrain.com or go to my store and get anything you want.

Love Always,
Taylor Rain

Me In The Shower

Dick Mutha Fuckin Bandit

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