Happy Birthday goes out today to none other than the lovely and talented Kelly Erikson, now the web mistress of clubhardcore.tv and soon to be launched Kellys Playground website.

Such a sweet girl, such a cute girl, 3 cats, a dog, a ton of workout equipment, she’s all woman!

Oh ya, last night she was sprawled out on the floor, I thought she was exercising… turns out she actually fell down the stairs (ok ok, there was just one step). I rushed over to see if she was ok, I thought she was doing crunches or something…. she was laughing so hard at her blunder!

She proceeded to get up, walk into the kitchen, grab 4 pieces of high quality Papa Johns pizza and went into the office and shared that fine pizza with East Coast Anthony. Could you think of any better way to spend an evening.

Happy Birthday beautiful!

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