Who’s The Toughest Agent?

Without a doubt, it is Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct Models. He makes more porn girls cry than any other agent. And it is precisely this quality that both producers and talent love.

Because his talent fears him, Derek gets them to show up to sets on time and to give 100%. Producers obviously adore an agent who can do this. And flakey porn girls respect a man who can keep them in line. If a porn girl is unreliable or alcoholic or drug-addicted, there’s probably no agent who’s more likely to whip her into shape (and make her money) than Derek.

Many porn girls want a man who will take charge of their life. That man is Derek Hay. They fear him. They obey him. They make more money because of him. What’s not to love?

Bandit posts………… Wow, what a tough guy, what a man. Girls fear him? It takes a special kind of man to bully girls, to make girls cry, how intimidating. Tell ya what though, if I ever saw him I’d take a chunk out of his leg and have him cryin like a bitch, tough guy. Tough on women, but a bitch to a pitbull!

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