TMFR Posts: So the other day I posted some photos of Nate Dawg aka Winston Burbank and his massive member. I told people if they wanted to use him as talent to call me cuz I’m officially his landlord and agent. Ok it was sort of a joke. But my phone and email have been blowin up with requests for this budding young stud with a kickstand for a cock. And all of a sudden I started getting emails from chicks saying, “Hey TMFR will you represent me too.”

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SO, what the hell, I’m an agent now. I’m retired from performing, so I have time to do that shit! SO last night Kelly Erikson and I got to talkin about it and YA SURE lets start our own agency! We even sent someone to get the paperwork to be a licensed and bonded agent. WOW, 2 retired pornchicks looking to do something to keep them busy. So as of last night “The Modeling Matrix” was founded.

We need to be licensed and bonded to take care of Nates wheenie!!! Did anyone ever see the video of me putting Nates dick in a hotdog bun with ketchup and mustard???

Ok, so seriously, if you’re talent and would like to be represented by Taylor Rain and Kelly Erikson just send me an email to TaylorRain@lukeford.com and I’ll call you. Send me some pics too and Kelly and I will arrange to meet up with you and start getting you work.

Who better to do this??? Kelly Erikson and me have been in porn for 5 years all together and we know everyone. We know every director, we know all the studios, we know company owners, we know mainstream people as well, we know all the magazines and OH YA we have the incredible publicity machine called LUKEFORD. Between the two of us we can pick up the phone and get anyone we represent work. AND WE WON’T MAKE YOU CRY AND WE WON’T CASH YOUR CHECKS AND WE WON’T STICK OUR HANDS IN EVERYONE POCKET!!!

Like I said, Kelly and I know how to hustle, we know all the right people. So, if your talent or want to be talent, just email me and we’ll hook you up!!

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