Fayner Posts: I’ve been fearing writing this story up ’cause the last time I was told the details I was still quite fucked up and easily distracted.

But here it goes.

Friday night in Vegas.

Dez, Alaura Eden and a bunch of others were drinking at TAO or whatever that club is at the Venetian. A 225 pound black man walked past Alaura and grabbed her ass. She didn’t care for that. So she said something. He laughed.

Then her man Dez stepped up. The guy laughed at him, too.

Holding two beers, Dez dd what anyone would do and headbutted the big dude. He then dropped the beers.

Ther big black dude took a few swings and missed, Dez responded with a fierce combination to the guy’s melon.

Then along came one of the dude’s friends, who grabbed Dez from behind. Dez shot his head back and gave the guy a face full of skull.

That’s when all hell broke loose and even more guys came at Dez. Alaura responded by smashing a full beer ove one of their heads. SMASH!

That’s when the security guards came and took Dez away. Not knowing who it was, Dez continued to struggle as they whisked him off to some back room.

Eyewitnesses say that Dez had not a scratch or rip on him during the fight, but following the melee when he was released it was obvious someone had had their way with his face and clothing.

The security guards.

Damn them.



Angry fellows.

Dez was just standing up for his woman. Anyone but me would have done the same thing. Does that mean that afterwards the guards have the right to hit him a bit for fun??

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