Fayner Posts: I must admit that my memory ain’t what it once was. It’s part of growing old. That’s why you see Gene Ross and Luke Ford holding tape recorders when they’re working. Not that I’m calling them old, but they are older than me and know that remembering is easier said than done.

My mind is squashed.

And then it redeems itself!

Friday night in Vegas, a popular porno performer walks past me at the Circle Bar. We exchange pleasantries.

“You know what’s so fucking crazy?” they ask me.

“I can think of a few things,” I said.

“No, Fayner, seriously.”

“Okay, fine. What’s so fucking crazy?”

“Don’t you find it wrong that these people who shell out the $50 or so for a day pass to the convention today were met at 4 o’clock with a room vacant of pretty much every star due to the rehearsals for the AVN Awards being held at the same time?”

“Terribly wrong,” I said, still having no clue what they were trying to tell me.

Finally I figured it out.

Seems that the organizers of the award show scooped up all the presenters (and nominees?) from the convention for a dry run of the award show starting at 4 pm on Friday. This would have been fine if it weren’t for the hundreds of fans who paid money to be at the convention only to be met with D listed performers and strippers instead of the popular starlets they paid to come see who were at the time rehearsing for the award show.

The popular performer who was telling me all of this was not happy. They felt the fan was being fucked over. D listed performers and strippers are all good, but not when you’ve paid good money to see people like Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy.

“Why couldn’t the organizers have waited until the convention was done for the day to begin the rehearsals? That’s just plain fucked up!”

I agreed.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t remember things. Like now. Don’t you?Wasn’t this story just a complete waste of everyone’s time???

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