No good, can’t speak, wound up, no sleep.


Fayner Posts: Last night some time Tyler and I headed upstairs to the room to smoke a bowl.Just as the elevator door was closing an old man around 80 squeezed in with us. He was staring at me. Most people do.

Then he spoke

“Keith Richards.”

“Come again?” I asked.

“You are a spitting image of Keith Richards.”

“That’s what they tell me.”

“You even got the sunken cheeks look going too. It’s remarkable.”

“That’s what they tell me.”

“All you’re missing is the drugs.”

“Ha!” Tyler shot out. “That’s a good one!”

The guy took another look at me, then said, “Actually, you should stay off the drugs. You look like shit.”

“Thanks old man,” I said as he walked out at his floor. “I never would have known that if it weren’t for you.”

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