Fayner Posts: Sometimes I cry.

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I feel like it right now.


Well, it seems my reputation proceeds me when it comes to my lifestyle, which only really sucks ’cause everyone is doing it and everyone knows it. My bad rep comes from being honest about things.


I’ve been told by many friends this week that it ain’t kosher for them to be around me in fear of being tagged a druggie, either from their contracted company or their boyfriend or whoever.

First it was a party the other night that I was told I should probably not go to ’cause it would look bad for a gal involved with the company to be seen with me.

And today when I saw Briana Banks (who is clean from drugs) and she got up to give me a hug and said “I should be careful. You have a worse reputation than (her former boyfriend) Bobby Vitale! People will get the wrong idea!”

Even Tyler Durden today joked about not wanting to walk the convention floor with me ’cause I’m a bad bad boy.

I guess I could see it as a compliment, which I have decided to do ’cause I don’t wanna cry in Vegas.

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