Word has it that at the AVN show next week, former AVN employee Acme Anderson plans on initiating an all out attack on Skeeter Kerkove.

It seems that Acme feels he has some ammunition that is sure to DESTROY Skeeter and once and for all banish him from the adult business.

Acme has allegedly uncovered information relating to Skeeter committing a foul act on a person, something you’d find in one of those high quality JM movies.

Skeeter already has advance notice of this "surpise attack", and word is he’s really looking forward to it, as he has some surprises for Acme of his own.  I mean, come on now, what more could be said of Skeeter to ruin his reputation??? The guy’s been called the worlds biggest suitcase pimp (which he will never deny) for turning out Bridgette Kerkove and he’s recently been accused of (AND CLEARED OF) accosting his own children. So, come on now, what the fuck would phase this guy at this point?

Skeeter lives off of controversy, and for the type of porn he shoots, any publicity/controversy is good publicity, with the exception of being falsely accused of harming his kids. So, this should be an interesting battle! Good luck to both combatants!!!

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