Seems that the heat is being turned up by NO BOUNDARIES boss Corey Jordan. You see, Jordan had a deal to buy scenes/movies from both Skeeter Kerkove and Bridgette Kerkove. Well, he HAS IN FACT been buying scenes from both Kerkoves.

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Problem is, there are some Bridgette Kerkove scenes that Jordan thought he bought and paid for exclusively, that are now showing up in movies for Metro Interactive. Wow, there’s a shocker.

Jordan’s none too happy with this and is venting that to Metro GM/VP Noel Bloom. Word from inside Metro is that Bloom is clueless as to how to handle this and shutters when the operator announces "Noel Bloom, Corey Jordan on Line 4".

I will say this, for all the drama going on with the allegations of double selling scenes, kickbacks and false accusations, Metro still has full confidence in Bridgette, as she CONTINUES to shoot movies for them despite this cloud of shit.

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